Turkish firm develops helicopter securing system

by Anadolu Agency


A Turkish firm using domestic resources has developed a Helicopter Securing and Transfer System, which is the subject of an embargo.

The system will begin its first mission with the national frigate TCG Istanbul, which will enter the inventory this year.

Successful localization work was carried out within the Turkish defense industry for the system, whose sale was restricted by Canada, according information obtained by Anadolu.

As part of efforts under the coordination of Türkiye’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB), the contract for the system was signed between Turkish defense firms STM and Altinay in May 2021.

After technical studies and design activities, production activities began in March 2022.

The system was put into operation for the first time in September 2022 and factory acceptance was in December.

The system was designed in line with the feedback of ship staff, aircraft pilots and shipyard maintenance and repair teams.

The system, using subcomponents such as a camera and laser devices mounted on a helicopter, calculates the position of the helicopter. The processed data is used to enhance the approach sensitivity of the helicopter to the flight deck instantly, ensuring that the helicopter is kept at a correct angle while landing on the ship’s helipad.

Ismail Demir, the head of the SSB, said the system was developed within the country for the first time.

The system allows helicopters to land safely on ships, stabilize and tow to the hangar, he told Anadolu.

The system will also take its place in new ships that will enter the inventory, Demir noted.

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