US-based Parallel Wireless, Turkish Pavo Group agree to collaborate on mobile telecommunications

by Anadolu Agency


The US firm Parallel Wireless, which specializes in wireless networking, and the Turkish company Pavo Group, which offers electronic, software, and embedded system solutions, have decided to collaborate on a strategic cooperation agreement to manufacture equipment for next-generation mobile telecommunications.

The two companies are forming a strategic alliance to produce and market mobile telecommunications equipment, as well as to expand their knowledge and skills, said a statement issued by the Pavo Group.

The two groups, which have already been collaborating and working together in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and North Africa, have decided to expand their joint ventures, this time in the production and distribution of mobile telecommunications equipment, said the statement.

Parallel Wireless will provide GreenRAN technology, as well as Remote Radio Unit/Base Band Unit hardware and software, and will be responsible for promoting and distributing these products in the region, it said.

The Pavo Group, on the other hand, will manufacture hardware units that meet Parallel Wireless’ specifications in its facilities in Türkiye, as well as provide marketing, on-site installation, integration, maintenance, and repair services for the network in the specified region.

Energy efficiency in mobile communication

Parallel Wireless founder and CEO Steve Papa thanked the Pavo Group for their cooperation, saying they are well positioned to transform the telecommunications industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.

“This cooperation will not only strengthen Türkiye’s domestic manufacturing expertise, but also lead to sharp energy efficiency advances in mobile communication equipment,” he noted.

Both parties are committed to moving the industry toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future by leveraging innovative Open RAN hardware-agnostic technologies, according to Papa, who is optimistic that this technological advancement will have a transformative impact on the region’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Pavo Group CEO Serkan Altinisik, for his part, said this cooperation is a critical step toward shaping the future telecommunications infrastructure, and the parties hope to become a global player in the production and marketing of high-tech mobile communication equipment.

Both firms aim to be industry leaders in Open RAN technologies and 4G/5G network solutions, offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, he said, adding, “The partnership will showcase technological innovation, local production, and international cooperation.

“It will also strengthen Türkiye’s role in the mobile communication sector.”

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