Ukraine expects clear stance from Germany on Russia’s ‘weaponization’ of natural gas

by Anadolu Agency


Ukraine expects a clear stance from Germany on Russia’s “weaponization” of natural gas, Ukraine’s top diplomat said Friday.

Dmytro Kuleba’s remark came during a news conference alongside Moldavian Foreign and European Integration Minister Nicu Popescu.

Commenting on the election victory of pro-European Moldavian President Maia Sandu, Kuleba draw attention to Sandu’s participation in the Crimean Platform on Aug.23.

Ukraine also supports the territorial integrity of Moldova, he noted.

Energy security was among issues discussed in his meeting with Popescu, said Kuleba. “We provided Moldova with natural gas before. Our cooperation in this domain will continue.”

Moldova and Ukraine can overcome Russian pressure by cooperating, he said.

Asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent remarks about the possibility of increasing natural gas supply to Europe when the Nordstream2 gas line is approved, Kuleba reiterated that Russia weaponizes natural gas.

Popescu said the pair discussed EU membership, which is a common aim for both countries as well as regional matters.

The two countries support each other’s territorial integrity, he said, and he thanked Ukraine for its role in the peaceful settlement of the problem of Tranistria — the unrecognized breakaway state in northern Moldovia.

Confirming the possibility of natural gas supply from Ukraine, Popescu said he and Kuleba agreed on passport-free travel between Ukraine and Moldova.

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