Turkish aviation’s new Troy T200 aircraft on runway for 1st time

by Anadolu Agency

BURSA, Türkiye

A Turkish aviation company announced Friday that the taxi tests of its latest training and general-purpose aircraft, the Troy T200, were complete.

“Our plane has successfully completed another process. It was a meaningful day for Turkish civil aviation. The taxi (test) process was completed successfully,” said a tweet by Ucaksan Aircraft Systems, based in the northwestern industrial province of Bursa.

Footage of the Troy T200 was captured by Anadolu during the ground tests of the aircraft that followed engine start trials.

The project to develop the aircraft was launched four years ago, Ucaksan CEO Emre Balci told Anadolu.

“After the engine tests, the taxi tests have been successfully completed. The process ahead lies now in the flight tests,” Balci said.

With a curb weight of 430 kilograms (about 950 pounds), the Troy T200 has the most powerful technical specifications of its class, Balci noted, adding that it featured a carbon composite body, glass cockpit, and “strong aerodynamics.”

“Our goal is to spend the year 2023 with tests and certification (work), and to begin mass production by 2024 and start sales,” Balci said.

The aircraft can be used for a range of purposes, including pilot training, agriculture, and observation.

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