Lebanon’s parliament to convene in June to elect new president

by Anadolu Agency

BEIRUT, Lebanon 

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has set June 14 for holding a session to elect a new president. A statement by Berri’s office said the session will be held at 11:00 a.m. local time.

The last parliamentary session to elect a president was held on January 12, but lawmakers failed to agree on a candidate amid differences between political parties.

Lawmakers had held 11 sessions but failed to elect a new president to succeed Michel Aoun, who left office on Oct. 31.

The announcement of the new parliamentary session comes as several political blocs have voiced support for the nomination of former Finance Minister Jihad Azour for president.

The Shia Hezbollah group and allied Amal movement, meanwhile, still back Suleiman Frangieh, the leader of Lebanon’s Marada Movement, for the post.

A candidate needs two-thirds of the vote, or 86 lawmakers, to make it through the first stage. An absolute majority is needed in subsequent rounds.

Since 2019, Lebanon has been facing a crippling economic crisis that, according to the World Bank, is one of the worst the world has seen in modern times.

The country has been without a fully functioning government since May, with Prime Minister Najib Mikati and his Cabinet having limited powers in their current caretaker status.

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