Israel approves unprecedented annex budget to cover needs of war against Gaza

by Anadolu Agency


The Israeli government approved an annex budget Tuesday, described as unprecedented, worth an estimated $8 billion to cover the needs of the war against Gaza.

The new annex budget of 30 billion Israeli shekels will cover the costs of funding the war until the end of the year, according to the Israeli public broadcaster KAN.

KAN reported that Benny Gantz, who is a member of Israel’s War Cabinet Council, besides Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, opposed the budget.

Ofir Gendelman, spokesman for Netanyahu, said Monday that the annex budget will cover the military needs as well as the cost of taking care of families of injured and killed Israelis, and families of members held in Gaza captivity.

In recent weeks, several Israeli and international reports estimated that the Israeli war against Gaza will have effects on the Israeli economy.

As part of the Israeli military war measures, nearly 360,000 reservists were recalled for duty, putting further pressure on Israel’s economic costs.

Israel also has evacuated nearly one-quarter of a million Israelis from areas near Gaza and from northern areas near its border with Lebanon since Oct. 7 and housed them in hotels and residencies at the government’s expense.

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