Australia sends fresh military supplies to Ukraine

by Anadolu Agency


Australian military supplies for Ukraine arrived in Poland overnight, local media reported on Thursday, adding that the country’s defense department has not released any details.

The Australian Defense Department has not shared specifics about the latest military supplies, but it is believed that the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle or four-wheel drive armored vehicle was on board the cargo transport flight that landed on Wednesday night, ABC News reported.

Australia has so far provided about $655 million (approximately $434 million) in assistance to Ukraine, which includes military support and 90 Bushmasters.

However, according to the broadcaster, none of the Bushmasters have yet arrived in Ukraine.

According to the same news outlet, Ukraine and the US are currently negotiating with Australia to transfer the retired second-hand F/A-18s to Kyiv.

It added that Kyiv has assured the White House that it will not deploy these Australian warplanes into Russian airspace if dozens of retired F/A-18s are transferred to Ukraine.

According to the report, Texas-based company RAVN Aerospace paid a deposit to purchase 41 of the multi-role fighters currently housed at RAAF Base Williamtown in Australia in varying states of airworthiness.

ABC News reported, citing sources familiar with the negotiations that RAVN Aerospace is willing to “on-sell” the Hornets to Ukraine, but first needs White House approval because the fourth-generation fighters have American intellectual property (IP).

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is expected to announce new military assistance for Ukraine next month.

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